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Yo' Cup

Yo' Cup

Frozen Yogurt

& Coffee House

128 S. Public Square

Laurens, SC

(864) 681-1657

Yo' Cup

Frozen Yogurt

& Coffee House

127 E. Main Street

Clinton, SC

(864) 547-1657

Phil loved warming his hands on this heavily textured mug that embraced his Caramel Mocha.

When it was time to go, I stopped to talk with the girls at the counter, I wanted to thank them for feeding me such good food!

It was clear as we all talked there at the front counter, something good was happening. Connection. Life!

It was so wonderful to be around others who are happy and smiling, who look you in the eye when they talk to you. It's like finding home when you have been away for a very long time. It felt good. It was clear they loved being there by the twinkle in their eyes. As we chatted, I even had the opportunity to meet Raaji Disasa, a local coffier. He told me about his family, who produce fine coffee in Ethiopia! He told me he had just traveled back from a long trip to get fresh coffee! His coffee is available with other local artisans items, right there at Yo' Cup in Laurens.

I was encouraged to check out Yo' Cup in Clinton for a different but equally great experience...

The foodie photos on Yo' Cup's FB page will make anyone weak in the knees! For someone who appreciates vegan and gluten-free options, I tip my cap to you - Yo' Cup, thank you!

<---------------------------- Not right here, over there...

Hover your mouse to the left, just under the Yo' Cup image and "like" their page to show them some love!

Last week we went to this darling little place. The atmosphere was bright, airy and adorably retro. A speaker system played the classics, handmade, neatly-displayed gifts by local artisans captivated our attention... and the smells...! It was something like love and nirvana. (The figurative state, not the band.) The staff was gooey sweet and über friendly... Our coffee and food was ...

* long pause to take a deep breath for dramatic effect*

...SO. Very. Good.

The whole date experience was sweetly archived in the memory banks under " Swoon-Worthy". I found bliss.

Phil's point of view, perfectly blended bacon grits and Belgian waffle. I was having a moment of silence to honor my veggie wrap, the memory of which still brings back a smile as I write this...

We set our sights on Yo'Cup in Clinton on a warm Saturday morning in August.

The drive was beautiful, blue skies and puffy cloud animals lead the way as we cruised around the scenic country roads. Ancient trees gathered in the heavily wooded areas, growing right up to the roadway, safely canopying forest life below. With STS9 playing on Pandora, our whole world opened up when we left our city limits.

Clinton is between Whitmire and Laurens, 30 minutes south of Spartanburg. I had never been there. Driving around on and off main roads, we discovered charming historic homes in neat rows framed in tidy, manicured lawns. Beautiful flowers and trees are in bloom. Clinton has a small-town college feel, with a historically quaint architectural identity.

The sun and I played peek-a-boo through the trees.

I close my eyes, allowing the suns warm rays to dance across my smile...

Super easy parking, a small train depot and notable stone monument peppered the streets across from our destination. Walking around the coffee house neighborhood we were digging the nostalgic small-town feel. It was sunny and breezy with no real mood busters. Darling pots of flowers freckled the sidewalks and the attractive brick-lined alley ways. For me, there is an allure in the reflection of days gone by that shines through in the details of the seasoned buildings. From the vintage lettering faded on old signs to the somewhat freshly painted retro mural... it was definitely a place to relax and unwind while watching the trains go by...

What a great day... Thanks Yo' Cup:)

Trains pass close here and as I sip my coffee, a curious thought enters my mind. I am wondering what people have seen these exact train cars as they passed them by... Maybe a busy family in a minivan on the way to the big game, or an executive in his luxury car all stuck at different tracks, or maybe a couple teenagers making out in the woods somewhere along the tracks - who out there has seen these cars -where were they and what were they doing...

I didn't know it but I was about to fall in love, seriously. It is a memory I smile about every time it runs across my brains, and that is not only because it tickles. At Yo' Cup in Clinton, I ordered a (I believe it is called) a "Fro Yo". It is a blend of frozen yogurt and coffee. I had my choice of flavors, but feeling like the coolest introvert at a frat party I went with a more predictable vanilla yogurt. I just wanted the "plain" one, then I know exactly what I am getting into - this was my line of thinking... I think back and giggle... Have you ever had something like that? Two things you know just exactly what they taste like together. No surprises there. Coffee with vanilla cream served cold. Okay I will take that one... it's predictable. She smiles when she sets the drink down in front of you because she knows it is about to just blow your mind and you don't have a clue. The actual memory of the two flavors was absolutely nothing like the love fest that was happening at my table about five seconds into my drink. And that, my friend, is no lie. It is 8:37pm right now. I am telling you this because I sat down to write this paragraph at 8:02pm. That's thirty five minutes of daydreaming. And not just about anything, I am deliciously remembering the experience. Super creamy vanilla blended perfectly with rich coffee... watching it drip down the side of my glass, catching the drop with my finger... yummm... I am going to tell you - if you have not figured it out yet- I really don't get out much. I need to get out more. I mean it, starting now I am going to go to new coffee shops. I want more of that. I want that fresh and inspiring experience. That passionate last kiss as we linger, hopeful that there is just... one... more...

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