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Often times simple things can bring such beauty to our lives

...if only we took the time to notice. Beauty is everywhere, it is all around us!


Every day is new, and every moment is now. Cherish and celebrate each new day, many did not make it through the night. Some were just chosen to come home. Some left this earth at the hands of strangers, some at the hands of those they trusted and some by their very own hands. Reach out in love to somebody today, and every day you have been given the privilege of watching another sunrise.

One magical morning...

As I walked past the old oak tree, whose weathered branches canopy into a tiny forest creatures dream home, I spotted the Tooth Fairy perched atop this little stool... Such a lovely place to perch, between the twisted and gnarled root paws of our mighty oak tree...


One person may look at this rock and see tiny, intricately tangled, lavender-colored, dried-out plant life. I see a vast city of ancient ruins, complete with entangled highways for the upper crust of society in a magical Sea Monkey kingdom.

Sweetheart Magnolia

I once told my sweetheart that I am in love with the giant fragrant flowers of the magnolia tree. After a brutal day at work, much to my surprise and completely out of nowhere- for no particular reason, a beautiful little magnolia tree held my attention as I stood still, staring at it in my front yard. My bag still on my shoulder, keys in hand, this beautiful bud waved to me that day as I smiled back through teary eyes. My sweetheart magnolia...


My Grandma used this word often, and I understood it to mean "my little love". This is the word I thought of when I looked at the delicately opened bud, greeting me in the morning sun. The spindly baby-tree branch is hardly strong enough to hold up it's large, snowy white flower.


River beds of quartz and sparkling pyrite, transport a girl to the swashbuckling times in pirate life, a time where every girl had a sword by her side and rivers of clear waters sparkled with gold!

I see RED!

I love Japanese Maple trees:) They are delicate life-sized bonsai trees with crimson leaves. This graceful beauty was a wedding gift from my husband, Phil. She was as tall as me when she was planted. That summer, Google Earth updated the street view of our home with this stately lady as the focal point in our postage stamp front yard.

Good morning from heaven...

I always imagined that our guardian angels lay on clouds lined in gold. Knowing this, whenever I see a sunrise or sunset with golden clouds, in my heart I know my grandma is never far from me.

A Bunny-eye view of the Cafe floor...

No those aren't bunny berries, they're Peaberries - Peaberry, also known as caracoli, is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit ("cherry") of the coffee plant contains two seeds ("beans") that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. This oval, pea-shaped bean is known as peaberry. Source: Wiki

Meditation on a breeze

I love to burn incense outside, its such a treat to catch it on a breeze. I imagine laying in a hammock, listening to bamboo wind chimes and watching imaginary cloud animals dance by... This would be my perfect anyday afternoon...


I often find my therapy in the simple things, bare feet on green grass while hanging clothes on the line. Wars have been waged through spiritual battle in my life. My solace is always found with fresh washed sheets in one hand, a clothespin in the other, and both bare feet in the summer-green grass under an old, cotton clothesline.


When I look into her dim eyes, I see an old soul... Shes a geriatric rescue dog who has a permanent spot just under my feet at all times!

Two little love doves were caught singing to the moon, by two love doves...

Woodland serenade

This butterfly really wanted center stage, and after landing here proceeded to serenade us.

Offering of love and rememberance

Each Mother's Day, my family would gather in our special place on the banks of the Peshtigo River and drop flowers into the water in remembrance of my grandma.


I have always loved Iris'. These blue beauties line the front entry to the Cafe!

I love your freckles!

Freckles are beautiful! Look at freckles on this lily:)

Big Top

The stripes on these flowers always gave me the same free and fun feeling as being a wide-eyed little kid at the circus, resembling the circus tent's stripes...

Coffee in the garden?

Yes, please.

Pssst... Hey, buddy!

Down here, no, no not that one. No I am looking directly at you. Not him either. See me now?


So happy to see these two beauties, almost overnight! I wasn't expecting to see them there! Imagine my surprise when I peered under the leaves and they reached out to pinch my cheek!

Believe in you!

Never listen to someone who stomps on your dreams. If I told my little cucumber plant it was impossible for him to grow to the phone lines, well, then he may not have made it. But I never told him that and look, it looks like that is exactly what he is doing.

Cirque Du Soleil in the Cafe gardens

Limber dancers spiral in the morning sunshine reaching beyond their dreams into the light

Newborn baby blossoms...

These teeny, tiny, fine haired baby blossoms emerged early this morning, mama vine and babies are doing great and hoping to greet cucumbers into the family real soon!

Little Button...

Playing peek-a-boo with this little one...

Tiny spirals

Reach for the sun, cling to life and climb beyond your highest aspiration.

Good times, good times

I took this photo when I was a young grasshopper. I was too small to hold the camera, so I just laid it down and jumped on the "capture" button. I spent half the summer watching the moon from under this bridge...

Brightly shines the sun

Each tiny variegated spiral begins under ground, in a cold and dark place before they break through the dirt to feel the sun. Hang in there if your world has been dark and cold. You, too are a tiny variegated spiral in this jungle of a world- who will soon feel the warmth of the sun again!

A kaleidoscope of colors

When the morning sun hits the crackles in glass globes just so, it looks just like hundreds of tiny kaleidoscopic rainbows reflecting in the rippled waves of the crackled glass

HI! I'm ___________________.

This is the face of a rescue dog, one who was saved of the dozens I visited who would later be euthanized. Please spay and neuter your animals, and save a (thankful, happy, loving life, grateful for a second chance, faithfully loyal, unconditional friend for life)rescue dog.

Happy Dog

All the world within his sight is his domain. A happy dog rests peacefully and contemplates his happiness in all the smells and sounds of home.

I held my breath...

...when I realized the stars in the sky were perfectly reflected as shimmering spots on the wings of this tiny butterfly...

Stars burn bright

Each blushing pink with starry-eyed centers, these smiling faces are only the size of a nickel but each are absolutely priceless to my weary spirit

Summer Eight O' Clocks

To say these are "Four O' Clock"s is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. I sat there, staring. Front row at four o ' Clock. Then, for hours. Waiting. After a week, I discovered a pattern. Eight O' Clocks.

Lovely Lady

This class act agreed to stay on her side of the four o' clocks and she did! I am beyond frightened of spiders!... But this lovely lady showed me beauty in that fear. She was spectacular!

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