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Valentine's Day, 2016

Who do you love?

The labor and delivery of Elle Bell Cafe's

first Limited Edition candle, Love Spell

Being my first, I wanted to share the excitement with my friends! Snapshots of the process were shared on Instagram. 

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Limited Edition candle updates! Click the photos above or below to open Instagram

Available for only a limited time, this Limited Edition candle is only available for the 6 weeks

beginning January and ending Valentine's Day. 

I remember the first time I smelled this fragrance. I was amazed at how the scent permeated my senses like a graceful ballet, arousing a feeling of beautiful, pure femininity. I had never experienced anything like it before. Once in a while I was lucky enough to have a bottle of the lotion or body splash, I would make that bottle last forever because it was such a precious commodity to me. Being a single parent, I didn't have a lot extra money floating around. Even if I did, I imagine taking my children through the mall, horrifyingly embarrassed they have to be seen with me - yet alone go into Victoria's Secret with me! Love Spell was a rare treat for me, but one I lovingly cherished any time I had that chance.

I began making this type of candle for myself only recently when I noticed a fragrance oil type available at my favorite candle supply company. It has a very close resemblance to the smell I remember, and I love burning it in my house. 

I noticed some hard-working, single-mom co-worker friends had the lotion on one day at work. The next time I made myself a candle, I made each of them a small candle, too. They were in love! That is the premise of sharing this scent for Valentines Day. It's sharing a gift that means something, for someone you love. It doesn't matter if you are single on Valentine's Day, if you love someone - you can participate! All you have to do is let them know how much you care!

~Getting ready to make candles, I have a very lovely order

for some friends shopping for Valentines Day!

Six and eight ounce jars are removed from their boxes, washed and dried.

I like the jars smiling clean before I begin!

~Weighing a small batch of natural soy wax for #valentines #candles

These candles start out as high quality, natural soy wax flakes. Each small batch is weighed for consistent quality every time. Soy wax is a clean burning, renewable ingredient.

Many of the fragrance oils I use are infused with natural and essential oils.

~I added a small amount natural bees wax to my soy wax. #valentines #candles

If I did the math correctly, there is approximately 1 part beeswax, to more than 30 parts soy in my candles. I like the quality beeswax adds to the candle, helping it to burn smoother and a smidge longer.

~My candle pouring apron is on! I'm ready to pour delectable #valentines #candles #valentine #gifts

I decided to use an apron after so many of my shirts ended up with accidental wax spots on them. On the bright side, I have a pretty great wardrobe of "around the house" clothes now!

~Fresh poured #valentine #candles, LoveSpell 💕

The smell leaves the cafe, and wafts through the

whole neighborhood. This candle smells heavenly!

~Beginning to label, moving right along! #valentinesgift #candles #love #valentines

I sit at my computer for days, tweaking the labels before printing, cutting and pasting to each jar.

I try to line each label up straight, to evenly space and level the wrap around each jar.

Sometimes I am wildly successful, other times,

please note these candles are 100% hand made in small batches :)

I love the dressiness of a black bow. It looks so snazzy!

#feelingthelove tonight!!! check out my store for an awesome #limitededition #valentines day #candle, makes a great #gift!

A labor of love is completed, all I am making for 2016, have been made. There are still a few left, get them before they are gone!

Click the photo above to check the store shelf

Thanks for stopping into the Cafe today!

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