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Coffee Without Walls... It's more than just a cool name. It is coffee love for our elders and their caregivers. The Elle Bell Cafe experience, on your doorstep.

Coffee Without Walls = A Hug in a Mug

Who are our community's elderly?

They are grandmas and grandpas. They are fun and sweet, bitter and sarcastic. They say what they want and have stories that would make your jaw drop. They worked hard in the textile mills that pumped life through the veins of this community in it's prime. They farmed the land from sun up to sundown. They served our country. They fell in love. They raised their children. They changed the world for us. They started revolutions. They are living history books... The elderly are my passion!

 I work as a therapist with the frail and sick in home health. I see them in their space. I see how they live. I see their solitude. I see their eyes light up when I am at the door, and the sadness when our time comes to an end. Some have support of family and friends... some are forgotten... Some watch quietly from their windows as life quickly passes by. They miss their children, meaning the time of when their children were small. Life changed so quickly and now those tiny tots have their own grandchildren. They think about battle on the front lines. They daydream of their departed spouses waiting on them at heaven's gates, remembering good times with good friends who have also gone too soon. They have slowly and steadily watched their world grow smaller and smaller. They don't drive. They have mourned the loss of their independence piece by piece. They are now are dependent on others for food, to pay bills, pick up medicines, to bathe them and sometimes even to use the toilet. These are the people that inspired Coffee Without Walls. 

Elle Bell Cafe has a passion for our aging population and their caregivers. Often when recovering from an illness or accident and unable to leave their home, they feel isolated and alone. Coffee Without Walls is meant to bring a new face into an otherwise very small world. By delivering fresh, hot coffee however they like it, I see smiles and get paid in hugs for “just coming by”. The elderly have a place at the heart of Elle Bell Café, right in their own homes

Sunday mornings I pack up my cups, coffee and all my goodies to start my route for delivery. Each recipient and/ or their caregiver receives a small coffee, prepared with or without sugar/ sugar substitute/ cream along with a baked good, a smile and a heart full of appreciation for all you do.

Coffee Without Walls can thrive with your support. By ordering our coffee, you become a part of the thread that weaves together the concept of coffee love. It is more than just a cup of coffee, it is a hug in a mug! It is a smile that made someone’s day. Inquire about coffee delivery to a home bound family member or friend by clicking "Connect" at the top of this page. Then, don't forget to stop by the Cafe (111 West Main St., Union, SC) for your own cup to show your support for your community coffee shop and this Coffee Love program.

About the Coffee...

Peaberry is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit of the coffee plant contains two seeds that develop with flattened facing sides.

Sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and the single seed develops with nothing to flatten it. This oval, or pea-shaped bean is known as peaberry. Typically around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are of this form

Elle Bell Café serves and delivers Café Passion,

an Organic, 100% Peaberry, French Roast coffee.

Know someone? Nominate them for a hug in a mug through Coffee Without Walls. Click the connect tab for more info.

One Love, Coffee Love ~ Pass it on!

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