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Carol's Hope

In September, 2015, I went to a craft market and set up a table to represent Ellé Bell Café. It was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of wonderful folks who came by to talk about everything from healthy juicing, to vacation and coffee-love stories. All of it is neatly chronicled in an orange file folder my memory banks, and I smile to think of that day. It was the first time I had been on that side of a table since I was a little girl, when my grandma and I would sit for hours behind our table of cross stitched bookmarks, macrame key chains and hand knotted plant hangers all neatly laid across our table. I really enjoyed myself that day in September, almost as much as I did when my grandma would sit next to me cracking jokes and singing songs with strangers to pass the time.

Standing next to the sign I made from an old window I got from a neighbor many moons ago.(a hearty cheese-head shout-out to Jack and Fifi in Wisconsin!) I painted the back with chalkboard paint and scraped off my design.

A snapshot of our little operation, it was fun to figure out how to put things on the table so our things would fit nicely. It is a little bit like playing Tetris, but in real life.

In this photo is a real life hero. Carol Moller is someone who couldn't look the other way when she saw a need. She created an organization as a source of support financially and emotionally for parents whose children are battling cancer. Carol felt passionately driven to alleviate the burden for families who incur costs related to traveling for cancer treatments. Not all treatments are available locally, so families seek treatment in other areas of the country. Some of those families have to drive because certain types of cancer contraindicate flying as a travel option, so Carol's Hope may help with gas costs. Some families do not have support systems or have extenuating circumstances for care of other children during these treatments, and extra passengers equals extra cost for any family. In this scenario Carol's Hope may help with hotel costs. In what ever way she is able to help, she will. She is truly an amazing person.

3225 Highway 9 Boiling Springs, South Carolina

Carol's Hope

Thrift Store

3225 Highway 9

Boiling Springs, SC


Carol's Thrift store has been wonderfully supportive of the community, recycling items one person may not want and turning it into a form of support and help for those who would have been lost without it. That right there---> that is love. This woman is a tiny sprig of fire, she lights right up when she talks about the children she has come to know over the years right here in her community.


Carol was at the same craft market with me in September, and on that day something wonderful happened. We met. As someone who does not believe in anything happening by accident, it should be no surprise to know the two of us hit it right off, chatting as if we had known one another for years. There is something magical that happens when you put two women with a passion for something together, and while you may not know what it is at the time~ you know it is going to be something pretty wonderful that comes of it. And that is what happened, my life and Elle Bell Cafe changed a little for the better because Carol Moeller and I met. 

Carol smelled the coffee candles set up on my little red Elle Bell Cafe table and thought it would be delightful if we could combine our passions... I was all for it from the start! I made special $5 candle that would give a portion of the sale from each candle directly back to Carol's Hope. You can find them on the counter by the register in her shop in Boiling Springs, SC.

Everything was moving along as smooth as could be- when Carol got news the building that she was renting for her Thrift Store had been sold. and she needed to vacate the building by November 1, 2015.

Newly moved and settled, Carol's Hope is again open for business in their new location with address and contact information at the top of this page. Whenever I am in the Boiling Springs area, I like to drop in and see whats new at Carol's Hope Thrift Store. Who knows, maybe I will see you there! 

Every kid deserves a "normal" childhood without illness,

every child has the right to be happy and healthy.

Every single one.

That's why I support Carol, her vision and her store.

Because of her passion to help each child fighting the battle of their lives.

Because of each family that would have been lost without her.

Because she advocates for these battle-scarred, warrior families

in the local community that she loves so much.

And she wouldn't have it any other way.

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