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Come in! Let me pour you a hot cup of good, fresh coffee...

stick around a minute and I will tell you a story of how all this began...

After romancing coffee for years~

I dreamed bigger

....wouldn't it be grand to have a Café? 

That cozy, romantic place in my imagination where coffee and me would meet. Where the French bistro tables line the sidewalk under a canvas awning. People of all nations, cultures, beliefs, and ethnicities would feel welcomed, and comfortable. Where the smell of coffee can dance on the breeze for a mile, with the laughing, conversation and friendly chatter energetically flowing beside it.

~~~ The Ellé Bell Café~~~

This website,, it was a vacant building. It's the dwelling I walked past - wondering, dreaming... Sometimes I would stop and press my nose against the store window to peer through the dirty glass for a better peek inside. Outside, it was just an empty parking lot surrounding my car, as I sit in the drivers seat for hours just staring at the “Space For Rent” sign in the window. Day dreaming… envisioning the place you now stand in the doorway of... Please, come on in...

Elle Bell Cafe is truly a wonderful place! The coffee is fresh, rich and dark, patrons greet one another with smiling eyes. Nobody is a stranger. Everybody is equal, and beautifully unique at the same time.


Let me pour you another hot cup of good, fresh coffee so you can unwind... 

We are friends, here!

In the back is a studio. It’s an airy, windowed space with trees, and flower gardens in view. There, beautiful and whimsical things are created to share in my Café, such as happy coffee mugs, charming, hand-made candles and books. Beautiful books.

If you look right over there on the shelf, Café Passion: A Java Romance is right next to my signature, organic, fresh-roasted coffee, and over there you can see our mugs and yummy smelling, specialty coffee-scented candles...

I am happy you had the chance to hang out! 

Ready for a refill on that coffee?

The gardens are calling you!

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