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Signature Soy Candle 4 oz.


Introducing the 4 ounce signature coffee scented soy wax candle! Heavily scented, these candles will make you really believe a big pot of fresh brewed coffee is waiting for you! From first sniff to last, it puts a smile of pure pleasure on anyone who loves the smell of fresh coffee!



Salted Caramel Coffee:


Who doesn't absolutely love warmed, thick, sweet caramel drizzled over any coffee drink?! Imagine a perfect cup of smooth, rich coffee with a spoonful of golden, old-fashioned caramel slowly dripped into the steamy, eagerly awaiting cup- giving your already heavenly nectar-of-the-gods that extra smooth and buttery finish. Add a pinch of salt and you may have to finish that cup of coffee in a less public place! Such is the inspiration for this olfactory masterpiece, this may smell like the most delicious caramel coffee you have ever had!



Spiced Breakfast Roast:


This delicious goodness smells like swirled cinnamon and warm nutmeg dancing in a cup of hot, sweet breakfast roast coffee. This perfect "comfort cup" candle is a great accompanyment when trying to create that "welcome home" feeling!



Blueberry Hazelnut:


A deliciously warm and fruity combination, fresh hazelnut coffee meets ripe and sweet, summer blueberries. This candle smells like delicious, home-baked, blueberry pie sitting next to a cup of rich hazelnut coffee.



Fresh Coffee:


Rich, smooth coffee house coffee. Purely delightful, first sniff to last!




Hazelnut Coffee:


Warm, roasted hazelnuts enveloped in coffee decadence, a must for the hazelnut coffee lover!


I offer Limited Edition seasonal candles during holidays. Click the "Connect" tab and drop me a line to see what's new. I will let you know whats shaking, and can easily add it to your order lickety split!


This warning goes without saying, but ...candles are not at all edible and may smell enticingly like the real thing. I wish to assure you these candles are indeed wax and not meant to be consumed! Do not eat or drink!!


Please note, this is a hand-made item, created in a small batch. Variations in color, a frosted effect and differences in wax appearance may vary due to 100% natural wax ingredients. If air quality is important to you, look for these frosting and variations in colors to ensure pure, clean soy wax is being used.

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