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About the Candles

I love to burn candles, good candles, strong candles. Luscious smelling, clean burning candles. They feel like home, and smell like comfort.

I make two varieties of candles. One is floral, inspired by the cafe gardens.

The other is deliciously blended coffee flavors! 

About the Wax

The advantages of soy candles are clear - no black soot, a longer burn, and a natural product produced by American farmers. A renewable resource, soy candles are one of the fastest growing parts of the candle industry. EBC soy candles are a 100% natural blend of pure soy wax, botanical oils, and pure beeswax. This is my personal recipe, with countless hours of testing for increased burn time and scent throw. I found this wax blend improves the qualities I enjoy in a candle. My candles are scented well, I want to be able to walk in a room and smell them!

About the Wicks

I had typically only made cotton wick candles, but I was originally making candles before wood wicks were mainstream. I have always had a fondness for the natural look of wood wicks. My favorite element of burning a wood wick candle is the faint crackle. I love making and burning wood wick candles.I love cotton, too. So, I carry both:)

About Candle Love

Before I made candles, I never saw the point of trimming my candle wick. I later learned by trimming the wick, candles last longer. When you trim, just the right amount of fuel is present for a even melt across the candle top. The fragrance oils burn slowly as the candle melts evenly. Once I realized that pinching the top off a cold, burnt wick made my candle last longer and burn better, I always show my candles a little love before I light. After burning about 3 hours I like to let them rest. As always, I pinch off the wick before relighting.

Its easy to love these candles, click the photos to shop!

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