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About the Book

"There he was, and I saw him- dark, rich, handsome- standing so close, leaning into me against the bathroom door. His dreamy gaze met mine, and he flashed an irresistible smile. He took my breath away, and my goodness – smelled so good. I breathed him in… "Coffee,” I gasped, “Where have you been? I have been waiting for you". He leaned even closer to me; I felt his steamy breath caress my neck..."

~Excerpt from Cafe Passion, A Java Romance

This book is actually a love manuscript. An incredible, against-the-odds love story of the two most unsuspecting of lovers –my coffee and me. From that innocent first luring glance when our eyes met, our romantic adventures, sensual encounters and every thought and feeling in between is a part of this home spun love tapestry. Coffee lovers everywhere will relate, and eventually I dream we all may be part of a global coffee love movement. Go ahead, indulge. Enjoy each passage and savor each luscious coffee love moment right down to the very last drop!

About the History

The book actually started during the most dark and scary part of my life. The prior year I endured the most heart break I had ever been through. I found myself one day alone with a preteen daughter living a thousand miles from family or anything remotely close to what I had known all my life. Moving to start a new life half-way across the country can make one feel alone.

I felt alone.



One morning, as I pondered the great mysteries of the endless universe, I realized the only constant throughout life, the one thing that never changed and was always there, day after day was: coffee. (All theological discussion aside) Oh, to have a strong and reliable man - like that!

I began to imagine a "friendship" with this sweet, smooth and charming person during those blank, day dream-like moments. You know the kind, when the mind just takes off flying in some strange direction- not at all relative to anything you are doing... One minute you are barefoot on the grass hanging wet clothes, stinky and sweating in the hot sun, and the next you're ballroom dancing in a velvet, corseted gown through the imagination with a stunningly handsome gentleman sweeping you across the dance floor, smelling of espresso... Or catch the first whiff of coffee in the morning before sleepy eyes had even opened, bear-hugging my pillow like he was really there. Someone genuine, passionate...

It's perfectly harmless I assure you, the way I may have jotted down a few of these memories. Over time, I shared them with a few friends. Living in a small town, word gets around... Out of the blue, someone I had not met before asked me if I had any new adventures to report, as they looked forward to hearing my coffee stories. I pondered that for a while, over coffee, naturally...

As I continued to jot down our trips down memory lane, the passion I had for writing just flowed. I loved to write. My thoughts take on their own dimensions and personalities when I write. They speak stories through my fingers as they type the words. I remembered how as a teenager I desperately desired to write a book, but lacked faith in myself~ and over time I gave up on my dream…Writing is so fun, when did writing become something I was too busy to do anymore?

What could be better than to spread joy, coffee-love and a little quirkiness!? I suddenly believed these coffee writings should be the book I dreamed of writing! Over time, I published these coffee writings into "Café Passion: A Java Romance"!!

If I didn't believe, but dared to dream

-What else is possible?!

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