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About Me

Giving off great vibes! Coffee n me chattin' 

with family on Skype! Got love?

I currently reside in South Carolina, a transplant from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. Working as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at a local nursing home, I love making a difference in the lives of my patients. I enjoy writing, gardening and a simple southern life with family, friends and of course - coffee


Thanks for stopping by:)

I am so glad you're here!

I am Ellé Bell. Ellé is my nick name, the last four digits of my first name, Daniellé.

My nick name rhymes with jelly & belly... Ellé!

A self-professed coffee addict since starting college as a single mom, my coffee time began as a necessity for survival and has transformed into a time of beauty, an introspective time of contemplation. It is a time of gathering my thoughts, waking up with soft, warm coffee kisses on my lips, gently, intimately. My coffee time is a love meditation submerged in liquid comfort.  

I could strike up a conversation with almost anyone, and have never met a stranger. Working with the elderly and sick, I love advocating for the little guy! I am usually the smiling wallflower, skipping down the halls at work, but at the same time quietly blending into the background. Having a vivid imagination all my life, I'm the outsider watching from the shadows as simple and serendipitous experiences unfolds before me. I love to watch scenes play through an old-timey movie reel projector on a big screen, playing an alternate reality inside my mind...Memories of coffee and me include breathlessly intimate and lasciviously scandalous interactions, with lighthearted, spirited scenes of tomfoolery stirred together with a sweet ribbon of sweet cream. I lean towards the perspective that the proverbial coffee cup is undoubtedly always half-full. Even in the darkness that covers me at times, I reach for and always find the glittered silvery lining. I hold on to the hope that there is good in every one. I know undoubtedly, the perfect day begins with a big cup of fresh coffee and enough imagination to catapult a dream straight out into the interwebs!

Tinker and putter around,

get to know me.

My goal is to share

decadently rich coffee love

_one luscious book,

one steamy mug,

and one lovingly-crafted gift at a time

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One love,

Coffee LOVE!!

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