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Thank You for visiting Elle Bell Cafe today!

On this caffeine-powered journey to whip up my ultimate java dream, I am excited to carry my own line of organic peaberry coffee that will make you fall in love with just one sip! Check out the fresh-brewed coffee 

candles, mugs, executive and casual gift baskets and other delightfully fresh offers sure to tickle any coffee hobbyist, lover or addict!

Meanwhile, walk around and check out the flowers, they are everywhere here!

Aside from my private coffee time, gardening is my therapy!

Go ahead, grab a cup of Joe,

meet me in the gardens...

Let's hang out a while!

My family is madly in love with Gardenias. I have Gardenias in my gardens, and have captured the sweetness of this flower in a candle.

Time in these gardens is cherished all year long. There is a happiness, a peace that wells up in me when my hands are rough from a good days' work in the gardens, where most the day was likely spent barefoot in the dirt.

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